the project farm

Most of my previous projects have been developed and delivered working closely with colleagues in government, education and research roles. Sectors I’ve worked with include State and National governments, Higher Education, Defence, Construction, Agriculture and Health.

In some cases, such as the Australia Indonesia Centre Foresighting Project, I co-managed the program design and business case development, leading to commissioning of expert teams from CSIRO in delivery and reporting. In these cases I supported the project oversight and quality assurance steps throughout delivery.

Examples of my previous work:

Project Type Example Link
Reports The Australia Indonesia Centre Research Report 2015

Unlocking Potential: A report on veterinary expertise in food animal production (Editor and Advisor to Professor Lowe)

Published via Monash University 2015

Published by the Department of Food and Rural Affairs UK 2009 Crown Copyright

Strategy and Planning The AIC Foresighting Reports
CSIRO delivery
(Program design and oversight)
Published via Monash University 2016
Published papers

The changing role of veterinary expertise in the food chain

Published in the Transactions of the Royal Society B with colleagues from University of Cardiff and University of Newcastle UK
Articles Expert360 commission: Business Intelligence Analyst: Roles and Responsibilities Published via Expert360 2017 with Chris Ong from the University of Newcastle Australia

An extract from the Expert360 Article published in March 2017
Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Intelligence Analyst

by Megan Power with contributions from Chris Ong

to read the full article please follow the link 

The business world has never been more reliant on business intelligence capability.

The rise in data analyst employment in the US and the recent call in Australia to ‘teach coding to kids in schools’, suggests an understanding that a future workforce will need to tap into the magic of data and make it meaningful.

One challenge for business leaders, who will continue to need to harness internal information for performance analysis, is the increasing need to also test; ‘what next?’, ‘what if?’ and ‘what’s out there?’ scenarios. As global online business and consumer led markets in goods and services grow, relevant external information and trend analysis are key to ongoing business competitiveness.

The challenge for all business is that disruption, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics capabilities, is the new norm. Businesses can expect the need to access and apply intelligence in the next five years to continue to expand. Fortunately new online tools and specialist BI start-ups are filling the current capacity and capability gap in data analytics.

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